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Friday, May 04, 2007


Random Links: Cinco de Spidey edition

I thought about doing away with these random link posts but I can't resist their siren's call. For the time being, they'll continue to run every Friday.

His movie opened in stateside theaters today but things are looking kinda shaky for ol' Spidey. The reviews for Spiderman 3 are the worst of the trilogy and my "contacts" in Asia, where it was released earlier in the week, say it outright sucks. A colleague living and working in Thailand described Revenge of the Symbiote, the international title for the movie in that neck of the world, as "lame-o." Another in Japan, well, click here. Despite their best efforts to warn me, I'll be front row center tomorrow night at the IMAX theater at Bridgeport (tonight's showings are already sold out, dammit).

Anyway, here's another round of random links:

  • This first one is for any former members of the "Goose Hollow fellowship," now scattered throughout the world, that might be reading this. Remember Phil Busse? He no longer works for the Mercury but he's still around town. You may be interested to know he was mugged outside of the Amnesia Brewing a few weeks ago but chased the guy off, despite having a gun pointed at his chest. He wrote about the experience over here. As you might imagine, their Letters to the Editor page was pretty interesting last week.

  • On Wednesday, Portland was hit by a series of hail/thunder storms. As I was driving home, the suburbs looked like the first act of the rapture. The sky was pink with black clouds, lightening could be spotted on the horizon, hail was raining down and a gigantic rainbow, more vibrant than any I think I've ever seen, stretched across the rolling prairies of Beaverton's car lots. This video from earlier in the day over on the Oregonian's site isn't quite that exciting but it does offer shots of the marble-sized hailstones that attacked the city.

  • If you're going out for tequila and tomfoolery tomorrow night, take some time to learn about what it is you're celebrating. There will be a quiz. OK, there won't but, whatever you do, don't go around saying Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day.

  • This just in: Baker City is really boring.

  • Brandon Roy? Rookie of the Year? Eh, after another lackluster season it's better than nothing.

  • I, for one, miss the beaver. That new header is craptacular, guys. Endlessly linking to your blog has lost a lot of its luster in the last week. I blame a substantial lack of the beaver. I guess this makes me a beaver believer.

  • A reader named Kim would like you to watch this video and dares you to make it all the way to the end.

  • Oh Dog, You Sleuth! recently returned to Portland from NYC and took photos at a bunch of odd tourist attractions along the way. Here's a link to a Flickr gallery of shots, including ones taken at the incredibly creepy/cool "House on the Rock." We're talking about carpets on the ceilings, horror movie lighting and a room covered from floor to ceiling with organ keys.

  • Does Portland need a gigantic museum/aircraft carrier indefinitely plopped in the middle of the Willamette River? Yes, yes it does...or at least it does more so than a couplet on Burnside and Couch.

  • So PETA may get the spoils of the Schmauchers' collapse (i.e., a primo storefront downtown)? To the victor go the spoils, I suppose. I'll be spending the weekend harassing yuppies outside of the Chart House. Once I run the owners out of business? Four words: martini bar/video arcade.

  • The Flaming Lips recorded a song for the Spiderman 3 soundtrack. Survey says...it's not so good but it does include numerous shout-outs to Muhammad Ali. Judge for yourself. Click here to listen.

  • Remember, while Spider-Man may be whiny and neurotic, as least he isn't a dick.

  • And finally...

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