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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


The original ending of Kill Bill

Pete asked so here's how the whole thing played out in Tarantino's original draft. This version of the script first appeared on the internet about 18 months ago and it's an easy find. It's not much different than what appeared on screen but at least they actually went outside to duke it out a bit. If you'd like a gander at the rest of the 222 page original script, it can be found here.


As the blue waves of the Gulf of Mexico crash on the beach,
The Bride in her bridal gown, and Bill, his tuxedo jacket
off, face each other in a combat stance.

Breeze blowing her blonde hair, holding her Hanzo sword in
its sheath.

stares across the sand to the figure of the Bride, his
student, facing him at sunrise with a weapon he taught her to
use. This is where all who teach combat artistry may end up.
Facing a Frankenstein monster of their own creation. He
removes his Hanzo sword from its sheath with GREAT FLOURISH.

The two combatants...quite far from each other...they intend
to charge/attack...stand in showdown stance.

She takes her combat stance. But what she doesn't do is
remove her sword from its wood sheath. The fist of her left
hand is wrapped around the wood sheath's center. Her right
empty hand, raises and makes a beckoning gesture to Bill.
Then with a face completely devoid of emotion, says in

Attack me.

She's facing him, sword in sheath, hand far from handle, in a
standing still position, not moving a muscle of blinking an
eye, staring her laser beams in Bill's direction waiting for
his attack.

He stands in a combat position, sword raises in a combat
grip, to charge her.

(to himself)
That's my girl.

He screams a samurai scream...and charges her...

She stands motionless...


Watching him coming...

No fear....

No expression...

We go back and forth, close, wide, low.


They meet...

Using only her left arm, with the sheathed Hanzo sword in its
grip, she blocks all of his blows, right arm unmoving down at
her side...sort of like Pai Mei did to her earlier...his
sword and her sheath lock together...they're close to each
other, she brings up her right arm, sticks out two fingers,
and hits Bill on ten different pressure points on his body.
Then hits him straight on in the heart with her palm. His
body jolts, like he's just had a heart attack...he coughs up
a little blood...he looks at her.

Their faces are very close...

The face of the cold ice woman Ninja, melts away before our
eyes, and the face of Beatrix Kiddo is filled once again with

He taught you the ten point palm
exploding heart technique?

Of course he did.

Why didn't you tell me?

She doesn't have an answer.

She looks at him apologetically;

I don't know...Because...I'm
a...bad person.

He smiles at her duplicitly, and says with blood on his lips;

No. You're not a bad person. You're
a terrific person. You're my
favorite person. But every once in
awhile...you can be a real cunt.

They smile at each other.


Bill turns his back to her...

And walks five steps in the opposite direction...with each
step his heart swells, on the fifth...

It BURSTS...WE HEAR A SOUND, like of a tire blowout...

He falls to the beach...dead.

The Bride walks over to his body.

She unsheaths her Hanzo sword.

Blood lies in a pool, by Bill's mouth.

She dips the tip of the blade in the blood, leaving the
tiniest of crimson smudges.

She then removes the Bill handkerchief, and wipes Bill's
blood from off the blade onto the white cloth.

She lets the Bill handkerchief drop onto his body.

The Jingi sword Hattori Hanzo created, just for her, for this
purpose, has come to the end of its journey.

Beatrix, in a moment of enormous generosity, allows herself,
one final tear, shed for her corrupter, her enemy, the father
of her child,...her MAN. The tear is for her as well. For
she's very aware she will never ever be completely any other
man's WOMAN.

EX CU The Hanzo BLADE slowly sliding into the wood sheath.

EX CU the single teardrop, sliding down her cheek.

The blade disappears inside the sheath.

The teardrop falls of her chin.

Her journey, her revenge, her victory, her unfinished
business, is completed.

The Bride exits the beach.

Bill doesn't.

COME ON! Isn't that SOOOOOOOO much better than the movie version?

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